Sunday, 24 February 2008


We headed out to East Croydon on Saturday on a bit of a photo and filming mission. It was dry when we left London, but when we got to Reigate skatepark the entire place was wet, so we headed out to Crawley which was wet too! That put a bit of a damper on the session (pun intended). We'd killed a fair bit of the day so we headed out to Skaterham skatepark in Caterham to catch the last hour of the session. Marcus rang me up and said that he was at Southbank and that it was dry so we headed out to Cantelowes to try and get a few bits done there. A couple of hours into the session, Kev hung up on a lipslide transfer over the love seat and ate the turd burger. Here's a picture of his chin. Marcus is planning on nicking some butterfly stitches from the hospital for him sometime soon!

Oh yeah, here's a photo of Aaron in mid hair cut, even though there's no reason at all in putting it up! account login
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