Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Here's some photos from the recent Bilbao trip...

Accomadation for the trip, our tents nearly blew into the sea because of the strong winds. You've got to like the way Marcus' and Doug's "shelter" is just a tent tarpaulin sheet and a stick.

Some bloke who we met at the skatepark had crazy eyes, was 40 odd and followed skaters around all day. This was probably his dog.

Sick street spot, hardly got a chance to skate here, police came along and threatened us with fines so we left.

It's raining, you can't skate, you're freezing cold, it's really early in the morning, you've got no money left and it's day 3 of the trip. Don't worry, we've got over 500 fags for the trip!

Aaron just before getting away with something gnarly in the bowl!

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