Sunday, 2 March 2008

Following On From The Previous Post

Kev got a tattoo on his right leg on Friday whilst "under the influence." The scribbling seems to resemble "Gyppo Amy" and is already peeling/fading... Watch out for guys who have recently acquired a tattoo gun! I'll post up a picture in a bit when I can be fucked.

I've had enough of fucking girls who act like they're the fucking world as their parents/parent lives on the continent and possibly has a helicopter. Get down to the real world and maybe take a dick up the bum and we'll all be happy.

Following on from that theme, Aaron got with this ongoing girl yesterday, well, he didn't really get with her. They were just texting and apparently Aaron ended up in a relationship. Today however! Kev broke into Aaron's Myspazz and exchanged a few comments with said girl and ended up tweaking with his profile to put him in a unfortunate position. In a nutshell, Kev fucked it for Aaron despite Aaron having repeatedly fucked his chances many a time in the past. Chances include receiving and ignoring/replying with stupid answers to texts such as "I'm at home naked on my own and bored, want to come over?" as well as "I'm crazier than most girls, I want to show you how mad i can get, want to fuck on broken glass?"

All i have to say is, "Silly Dick..."

Oh yeah, The "Baghead Flats" premiere is in London on Weds, who's going to that?

Zarosh is now in my favourite skaters list.

Doug has also been spotted sitting in a car with Aaron and Kev going to a skatespot. This is pretty amazing news! Doug got an NBD at Royal Oak the other day, you might find out what it is, you might not. Aaron did an NBD on the vert wall there too, somebody nicked the coping from it, but that didn't stop Aaron going fucking nuts on it. Kev was polishing up his "street" moves on the curb next to the skatepark due to injuries from eating shit last weekend.

Other Gyppo Army weekend activities include telling Aladin to blow his nose, skating Crawley, hurling abuse from a moving car to hopeless passers by, laughing at passers by from a moving car, laughing at Gorm a bit, being laughed at by Gorm, skating a "secret spot/skatepark in S. London" as well as doing the odd illegal activity here and there.

There's been quite a lot of skating footy/pics up on this blog lately. I'm going to try my hardest to make sure it has it's original touch of being a pile of shit that might have made most of you visit the old blog in the first place! account login
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