Friday, 14 March 2008


...and plenty of it poured down on us in Bilbao. We only had one fully dry day which sucked, but we still got a fair bit of skating done. I'd be too long if I explained in full the whole story up on this blog, I guess you'll have check an upcoming Document to get a better feel about what happened over there with photographic evidence too! In short, Kev and Aaron's tent had holes in it and all of their stuff got soaked, Marcus ended up sleeping in a sandy puddle (and that's no exaggeration), Doug sought refuge in a church one night and Kev had to jump out of a hostel window on the last night to avoid paying! I guess you'll find footage of what went down at some later point too, fuck knows when exactly though!

The Demo at Revolution skatepark is taking place this Sunday, so don't forget about that one too! account login
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