Tuesday, 4 March 2008

We Are Off...

...to Bilbao on Thursday for another Document article. The weather there is crap and we're going equipped with one tent which is stored in a plastic bag and one army tent that this random bloke gave to my mum knowing that it might serve me well. Our hand luggage on the plane will be sleeping bags with whatever clothing we can get crammed inside them.

What a fucking tour this is going to end up being. Unlike 90% of the English population, I haven't been to Spain yet, I hope Bilbao isn't infested.

Aaron is now technically an "actor" and has filmed for his 2nd ITV show yesterday. Fuck knows what the world is coming too...

Nobody knows where Doug is, hopefully he ends up around my place before Wednesday so that he ends up on the plane even though he doesn't have any money whatsoever.

We might adopt a child(ren). At £350 a week to look after each kid, you'd be stupid not to!

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