Monday, 14 April 2008

Barcelona... the best city I've ever visited. Kev and Aaron have 30 euros left for the next 4 days which isn't too good. Good thing is that litre bottles of San Mig are 60 cents if you go to the right place, the weather is sick and 20 fags come up to 2 and a bit euros.

Aaron wandered off from the rest of the group last night at the pub and ended up working as a pimpĀ“s assistant in a sketchy brothel last night. That was pretty amusing, he might have smoked some crack with him too, but he isn't sure...

Kev filled a bin up with puke to the delight of everyone in the nearby vicinity. We skated this sick little park today, it's a ghetto job but really fun to skate. Oh, and there's a nueu sticker on the door of a toilet inside this hostel we wandered into it. Kev noticed it whilst having a shit. account login
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