Sunday, 13 April 2008

Euro Trip

Well, Kev and Aaron have been bombing it around the Benelux countries for the last week. They started in Antwerp to skate that Team Pain park and then Aaron found out that weed was legal in Holland and it was nearby, so we ended up going to Eindhoven. There was a big football match with the local team that weekend, so somehow they found hostels, god knows how. The next day they missioned it to Amsterdam and ended up staying in a Christian hostel not too far from the red light district which was amusing. Mission back to Antwerp then going onto Brussels, met up with David Martelleur and skated the place d'ursilines park and then headed over to Barca. Things got very messy on the first night, I've had 90 minutes sleep and I'm going to crack a beer open right now. Fuck this, I can't think straight, there's a fit girl in the corner so I'm going to fuck off now.

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