Sunday, 6 April 2008


I was skating around the Euston/Russel Square area a couple of days ago and we thought we'd head over to Liverpool Street to check these out. After skating around the whole perimeter of the place, we realised getting in wasn't going to be easy. After a quick peek over the fence I saw that the pipes were in there and had to get in. After thinking for a little while about the worst case scenario and a bit of peer pressure, I hopped over the fence with my mate Brooks to check it out. We had another mate on guard even though he wasn't really needed, but could still be handy in trying to get back over.. Brooks and myself quickly headed down and checked out the pipes..They were covered in half wet concrete in some sections and pretty slippy but still skateable, so I gave it a shot. We filmed a couple of runs in there before concrete dust was everywhere and we decided to head out before attracting a lot of attention.

As we reached the gate we were greeted by a nice police officer. "Oh fuck" we thought. Apparently this woman was freaking out about us both climbing over and to be honest we were hardly sly about it. A police officer happened to be passing by at the time and called for some back up. There were about five policemen in total and all three of us got searched and got a warning. We were lucky we didn't have anything we weren't supposed to have on us and were told that if anything was damaged we'd get a bill for it. Hopefully we won't hear anything from either the police or anyone involved with the building site, but it was a fun five minutes.

It was all worth it for being able to skate a fullpipe right in the centre of London, something I thought would never happen!

Here's a bit of footage below. Click it.

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