Sunday, 4 May 2008

Feel That There Are Too Many Shit...

...skateboard companies going around at the moment? We feel that way too.

Do you think that we're exactly the same as some of the other "skateboard" companies that are floating around? You know, the kinds of companies which make boards in China to make maximum profit, regardless of the quality of their boards, the shape, the strength and want to push shit product out to skaters so that they can make as much money as possible?

The kinds of companies which don't sponsor any skaters at all and sell boards in bulk to chainstore shops, where kids who don't know any better (or parents) go to buy these boards without knowing anything about the product they're supporting or who they're giving their money too.

The sort of company that produces boards in the same factory where supermarket boards are produced? The sort of company who definitely won't give a perfectly good second hand board to a poor kid who can't afford a new one for free. Either because they couldn't be fucked or generally don't give two shits about supporting skateboarding.

If you feel that we're just the same as one of those "skateboard" companies and can't notice the difference between us and "them", then you must be oblivious to a few facts. I could go on to list all the things that make us a "proper" skateboard company, but wouldn't that make us seem like egotistical twats?

Don't go and slag us off on internet forums behind a name that you know will conceal your identity or talk shit on us behind our backs, whether you're our mates or not.

If you feel that we can be categorised as being a "shit" skateboard company then come up to us and tell us. Tell me what exactly we're doing that makes us "shit" and we'll take heed on your words, or prove you wrong.

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