Wednesday, 25 June 2008


On Sunday night Kev and Aaron stumbled across some dodgy going ons with prostitues, the exact story is hard to explain over this crap site, but lets say they were lucky to have not got kidnapped/horribly beaten up.

Yesterday Aaron and Kev went swimming in the posh person's house. I don't know how it all managed to come about but it was fun. We 'jammed', broke water guns and Kev broke a little girl's inflatable chair. Aaron and Kev discussed ways how to make a quick couple of grand and some good ideas came about, whether or not they're carried out is another thing.

Aaron, Kev and Momo are doing a demo at Saint Joseph skatepark today which is a little bit outside of Marseilles. We're bound to have a few giggles.

Oh and flow rider Elliot was last spotted on the rob in Kingston with an ounce of weed down his pants. Elliot, if you're reading this, please give Brooks a call and go out filming.

Kev should be off to Prague for the Mystic cup in just over a week and Aaron got a 'lil saing saing planned. account login
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