Monday, 16 June 2008


Kev and Liv snuck this in. Stoked!

Stocked up on munch


Dirty Ghetto Kev


Kev was strolling about hammered at night and saw this guy lying on the floor and took a flash photo of him. He immediately got up, looking to bang him. After a quick "PEACE!" Kev was gone....

Doug was about to fuck this chick, then found out she had some sort of sexual disease and left it out. Unlucky Doug, she weren't too bad either I can tell his cock is raw red and painful... (That really didn't sound too good!)

Finally, here is the small print!

Doug got 19th and Kev got 30th. Ant was too high in a tent and missed his run?

Aaron fucked himself on his first run in Malmo and couldn't skate the whole weekend.

Aaron and Kev are now heading off to Marseilles for 10 days tomorrow for a competition and to skate with Momo for a week after the comp. You might hear about our "holiday" which probably won't be a holiday at some point in the future! account login
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