Sunday, 27 July 2008

Ride with us tour...

...was fucking sick! A load of skating got done and we ended up visiting a shit load of spots and parks all over Northern England and Scotland such as Prissick plaza, Seven Bridges in Newcastle, Perth, Livi, the Mitchell rails in Glasgow, Edinburgh and more. We camped in random fields all week and some people had a shower in Dumbarton's indoor park in the middle of the week.

A lot of funny crap went down, some stories included Porno sitting on a hill by the newly built Whitley Bay skatepark which was full of chavs blasting "tunes" through the megaphone such as Britney Spears and Boyzone. As well as making announcements such as "will the owner of the burberry hat please report to reception" and "will the owner of the chinese/tribal tattoo come to the hill please?" Eventually some local skinhead chav felt the need to show of his macho abilites claiming he could take on all ten of the skaters sitting on the hill and giving us general grief. Porno's quick responses ensured that this encounter was a funny one. Reading back on what I've just written, it's one of those, if you weren't there at the time, you'll never find it funny ones.

Hopefully the footage from the trip will give you an insight into what went on.

Aaron's over in Ireland for a bowl competition and Rapey Dave is filming in Brighton at the moment with Brooks.

Kev and Aaron should be heading to the Concrete Carnival in Penzance and Hayle this weekend which should be good, they're both broke so expect some ripping to happen! account login
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