Thursday, 17 July 2008

We are pleased to announce...

...that Cantelowes local Ben Cruickshank is the latest addition to the Gyppo Army flow team and has been filming hard with Brooks on regular missions along with Ant and Kev.

Dave has been skating hard down south in Brighton and will be going on this year's Nueu Ride With Us tour along with Kev and Aaron. He's got a first light in the works for Sidewalk magazine and he's now on the Etnies UK team! Stoked for him! He's also looking for a job, so if anybody down that way has something going feel free to give Dave a shout!

Doug and Elliot have been over filming in Kingston for our first video "Road To Knowhere" which should be out next summer.

Aaron's finished up The Big Push as Death's special guest and has got a few things up his sleeve, but we're keeping schtum for now!

No funny tales on today's post, does shouting abuse at strangers in Central London on a Wednesday night count? You'd probably think not.... account login
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