Monday, 18 August 2008


...the "Re-birth" jam at Royal Oak happened last weekend, which went off. The whole team was down there and Aaron won himself £100 for doing a backside 360 over the new transfer that's been opened up. Stoked!

Here's a photo of Kev chucking a stalefish over the new gap.

Check out footage from the jam below

or watch it on tackyworld here

I can't be arsed to write "funny" stuff that's been going on, I'm too tired and it probably isn't even that funny.

Momo's still in London by the way. Does anyone know where he can get some Pastisse from?

Here's some footage of Day 3 from this year's Nueu "Ride with us tour" featuring, Kev, Dave and Sweeney. Enjoy!

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