Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Well, it's been a while since I've last posted here; a fair few things have been going on. For starters, we've got four new graphics out, the graphics and sizes are below!

"Tesco" 8.25

"Tramp on chips" 8.1

"Ladies" 7.6

"Incorrect" 7.5

I've also been working on the website which can be found here at


You won't find too much there at the moment, but I'm getting it sorted out now, so check it out in the future!

Doug, Elliot, Kev and Momo have been on filming missions lately for the new vid.

Kev and Aaron have been talking about conspiracy theories too, how interesting is that?!? You'd probably think not, but it was a good way to pass the time on the motorway on the way to Saffron Walden today!

We're going to go to that Nando's thing at Bay Sixty 6 this Saturday as there's free chicken and a place to skate! We're fucking marving! See you there!

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