Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Kev and Aaron went to skate Ladbroke Grove handrail. Kev managed to ball sack himself whilst Aaron landed something half decent. 'Nuff said!

I saw Marcus yesterday for the first time since he's come back from four months living over in Cyprus. He's a fair bit bigger since I last saw him (I guess that's down to doing a shit load of drinking and not much skating!) and to my surprise he found the tapes of footage from our first trip abroad to Marseille last November for Doco mag in the café at Kingston skatepark. I guess that's going to end up as some sort of extra in the "Road to nowhere" video coming out around summer next year. Keep your eyes peeled for a bit of skating, some good, some not as well as a lot of dicking about!


Right, I'm off to the offy to stock up on some more booze and fags. I've been sat on the fucking computer all day doing work and generally trying to flog boards to shops so that you lot can buy them! At least you know that your money is partially going to a somewhat good cause!

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