Thursday, 6 November 2008


Kev and Aaron have come back from Italy. After landing in Milan airport we drove 3 hours south and spent an extended weekend living in the lap of luxury. We were put up in the finest hotel eating the finest cuisine and drinking 40 euro bottles of wine each night, all on the card. Who's stoked? Well, Kev definitely was, as was Aaron until this knocked him back a little...

On top of that, we both netted 500 Euro for our skateboarding efforts.

Having said that, you can take the Gyppos out of the "insert derogatory term for a housing area where the majority of people are earning under 60% of the average national income therefore placing them into the poverty bracket" but you can't take take the Gyppos out of "insert derogitive term for a housing area where the majority of people are earning under 60% of the average national income therefore placing them into the poverty bracket".

We hung around a showground each day for over 12 hours which didn't provide too much entertainment other than skateboarding, add in really bad weather and you have to make up your own fun. I might (in fact I know I am) be right in thinking that we find certain things funny that most of the Italian audience watching wouldn't...

Hanging around all day can get you tired, especially when you have to wake up at 6am. Kev found a place to kip and as pictured, Kev is kipping with the Gyppo Army "Value" board.

There was a booth giving out untold amounts of a new Lynx spray as a promotion and Kev and Aaron worked on their new stunts involving cans of Lynx and a lighter. Scotty seemed pretty into this too. Hiding Kev's beers and watching him get pissed off seemed to be a game found fun by everyone involved except Kev, until the point where he punched Aaron in the restaurant where this took place, only for Aaron to throw a harder punch back which landed to his head. So Kev threw back a harder punch which knocked Aaron off of his chair to the amusment of the entire restaurant. All fun and games though!

Kev and Aaron also tried out the Snowboarding simulator too and had a crowd of Italians watching them try it out, I guess they found the part where we fell flat on our arses funny to, judging by their laughs and smiles!

Here's a couple of photos of the pair wearing the necessary safety gear in order to use the simulator!

There was some sort of party on Halloween in the trade show and most stalls had a generous supply of booze to themselves and friends. Watching us make new friends and get pissed for fuck all was good too! Kev and a german beardo

Random photo of a glass of free wine and some flags found in this pot...

A lot went down that weekend and there were both good and bad memories and lots of new friends made which was sick. Aaron hit his head really badly on the vert ramp and had a concussion which wasn't a highlight, but these things happen....

Here's one of Aaron doing a crail air over the gap

*Waits on a few possible emails on people telling us that we're cunts/a bunch of funny retards both at the same time*

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