Thursday, 12 February 2009

Paris - Some facts for you

16 hours on a Eurolines coach, 4 hours on a boat. 4 hours waiting in coach station. Watching 6 guys high on crack in a tube station, looking at Armed soldiers with AK47s approaching guys smoking weed in République metro station, seeing people trying to flog those fucking annoying Eiffel tower keychains (glowing and non-glowing) that nobody really wants, 12 litres of Stella, 2.3 litres Despardos, 2 bottles of wine that tastes like vinegar, 150 (odd) cigarettes, 3 and a half days, 3 nights, 3 sleepness nights, 2 days of rain, half a day of snow, dogshit on griptape, skating in the pissing rain, skating in wet socks, jeans and tee shirts, banks under bridges, 2 slams to the head, 2 bruised hips, 3 creaky knees, 2 pissed off boat lurkers, 2 romanian women sent back home for getting caught stealing tobacco on the boat, €10 a day to live off of, €6 a day on booze, 10 metro journeys bunked, finding ways to re-use tickets, 180 minutes of footage.

It's hard too tell a story about this trip, but all in all it was a plain simple skate trip, out before midday, back before midnight, getting more drunk after midnight and repeat.

I can't wait until the next one. account login
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