Saturday, 21 March 2009

Late night city missions

Is where it's at, skating until 3 in the morning. Watching pissed up city workers wanting a go on your deck and eating shit. Getting around to skating spots that you've only ever seen from the bus. Going down new alley ways and streets and finding new spots and places. Not skating with a camera, eating shit on a big set of stairs and making your trick when you didn't think you had it. Cheap cider. Giving grief and making comments when people are openly kissing on the street. Making bets on tricks for nuggets and cans. Watching people slam on tricks and not getting their nuggets on cans (Doug). Watching people land said trick easily (Elliot). Skating Chalky ledges in the square mile and talking with the police and them not giving a fuck about you skating, even though it's "illegal". account login
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