Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Kev and Aaron are off to the city of fashion tomorrow for 5 days to skate a mini mega ramp contest! This one should be funny.

Watch out for a clip of footage in 2 weeks time of Aaron doing something really good and Kev hurting himself horribly! As well as loads of touristy photos. Guess who's packing a bum bag along?

Monday, 27 October 2008

Here's a bit of footage

of the Skegness demo courtesy of Skegness Andy.

Featuring Doug Parmiter, Elliot Jones, Aaron Sweeney, Marcus Adams, Darryl Dominguez, Martyn Hill, Alex Lally and more....

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Gyppo Army days

Here's a little video from yesterday's Vodka slams of Aaron getting banged up by Ben Devine. Best go back to those boxing lessons son!

I'll try to get footage of the event up soon!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Tequila slams!

Right, we've got this fantastic idea which could resolve in happiness or tears. Hopefully both!

The basic idea is a game of skate on a mini ramp and bringing tequila into it to add to the excitement.

It's £5 to enter, in order for us to cover the costs of the tequila bought and any money left over will be used as a cash prize for the winner/s.

All the entrants names will be written onto a piece of paper and put into a hat. They'll be drawn out in order to see who is going to set the 1st trick, 2nd trick and so on.

Once a trick is set everybody will have to repeat the trick done. If you mess it up, you have to do a shot of tequila and try again. If you mess it up again, you'll have to do another shot. This will go on until the trick is landed or you've had 3 shots of tequila. Then the next person in the order will set a trick and everyone will have to repeat it and will have three chances.

Hopefully this will give everyone a fair chance at the game and will make sure that if the first guy setting a trick is really consistent and a really good skater, it won't end the game within the first few minutes!

All tricks will have to do be done on the coping or any popped tricks will have to be done parallel or above the coping to make sure that anyone who enters doesn't get ridiculously tech riding 2cm up the transition!

If you throw up, you'll be out of the game and excempt from winning any moolah. The winner/s will be either the last man standing or the person who wins the game of skate outright.

The first "Tequila slams" will be held at X site skatepark this Saturday (25th) after the Gyppo Army days demo is over, behind closed doors. All entrants must be over 18 and waivers will have to be signed, as it won't be the skatepark's responsibility if you fuck yourself and slam really badly, it'll be yours!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

*lights cigarette*

I haven't posted up on here in a while, that's mainly because I've been either busy actually skaing myself or moaning about being ill!

Right, well first off from recent tales, Kev, Doug and Elliot did a demo at the new park in Stroud in the wet which was pretty funny on Kev's birthday. Tesco's lager was drunk and we nearly had to push the car back on the A40 fly over as we nearly ran out of petrol!

Here's doug ollieing off of one of the flatbanks to flat, in the wet.

Doug and Kev lurkin'

Story #2 off of the top of my head, we did some sort of demo at the new park at Tolworth which has a nice new bowl and a sick little ledge and a few skateable rocks. Everyone from Ktown was there and skating, drinking and bunning which was all good! Then Kev, Aaron and Liv bumped the train back into central London. (Sorry Marcus, we couldn't bell you) and ended up getting pretty pissed in Camden which was funny.

Kev with the mayor

Doug on some sort of swing

Story #3 which is related to story #2 is that everyone nearly got a tattoo whilst really pissed, I can't really remember too well, but I think the tattooist Andre's tattoo gun broke! If you're looking for a bodge and cheap tattoo give me a shout and I'll sort you out. He's desperate for cash just like everyone else, so any replies are welcome!

Story #4 I bunked the number 18 bus in London twice today. Not really that interesting a story to be honest.

Story #5 The first of the "Gyppo Army Days" demos went of pretty well at Unit 1 in Rochester. We ended up stuck in Rochester airport for a bit which was pretty funny as well as checking out the local slag unit on the way and you could tell Doug had a boner. A discussion on New World Order was inevitable and also happened too on the way. Anyways, the skating went off, Pas tried to bump a free board and failed, whilst Ginger Joe from round that way and Rupert Antoine from Brighton both got a free board respectively as they managed to stick some good tricks!

Doug on the floor


Bowl jam

I would like to point out that Crossfire are pulling off a really big Halloween party somewhere in Shoreditch at an undisclosed location (due to security reasons) on Saturday November the 1st. There'll be a tonne of shit going on including a mini ramp jam and some half decent bands compared to the shit one you were probably going to see instead. Tickets are £12.50, so get yourselves there!

more info at

I would like to add that I encoursage you to support a bunch of skateboarding retards! I would also like to point out that we are in no way including Zac or anybody from Crossfire in that segregated group of humans!

Friday, 3 October 2008

New shops

Gyppo Army Product will now be available in Halfpipe skateshop in West London as well as Ideal in Birmingham at some point next week!

(Depending on how fast the postman is!)

Both shops' details will be going up on the website shortly.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Stroud... the owner of a brand new skatepark thanks to Maverick! We'll be coming along as part of an opening demo and we hope to see some of you there!

Check out the photos of the park below! account login
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