Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A Little Clip...

...of Aaron pissing around on the vert ramp at bay66 a couple of months ago. Thanks to Jake Harris for the clip.

Aaron Sweeney Mini Ramp Clip

Here's a clip of Aaron Sweeney and Ewan Bower skating the mini ramp at Revo skatepark, Broadstairs late last year.

Corey Duffel...

...likes it when he gets slapped on the head with Gyppo Army stickers by a bunch of randomers.

Check Aladin Out...

...with his newest bitches! Bear in mind, only people who actually know Aladin will find this post remotely funny, if you don't know him, then you've just wasted a few precious seconds of your life reading this post!

Oh yeah, he was also wearing a Slipknot hoody too!

Aaron's Going To The Dentist... get root canal treatment, apparently, the story with the dentist from Aaron's side is "if you show that it hurts, he keeps on going. If you don't, he stops doing whatever he's doing". I don't see how that makes sense, or is relevant to anything.

Did anyone else wake up last night wondering what the fuck was going on because of the earthquake? I woke up feeling ill and then all of a sudden my bed was acting like it was on an early 90's Stena Line ferry...

Oh yeah, the fucking puddle is back at Cantelowes, it's already taken two brand new boards prisoner yesterday!

Here's A Quick Picture...

...of French Gyppo Army rider Momo backside ollieing over a really tight banked channel. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

It's Got Nothing To Do With Skateboarding At All...

...but we found this clip of Floyd Mayweather smacking "The Big Show" pretty funny.

Trial And Error

When we went to Bologna last summer to skate the Dreamland park over there, Aaron learned two important life lessons.

The first one was how to do frontside airs on oververts.

The second was to never lick a girl out on her period!

The Weather's Getting A Bit Better....

...these days, which is sick. Aaron and Doug are heading out to get some footage with Phraeza tomorrow on the London streets. God knows what they'll end up coming back with! I hope it's good as I need to make a fucking promo out of it!

I need to sort out hiring a car next week. Can somebody lend me some cash? Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on.......

Sunday, 24 February 2008

New Rider?

Yeah, there's one coming in, he's from Kingston, fucking smashes it and nobody in the skating world will have heard of him.

Watch this space.....


We headed out to East Croydon on Saturday on a bit of a photo and filming mission. It was dry when we left London, but when we got to Reigate skatepark the entire place was wet, so we headed out to Crawley which was wet too! That put a bit of a damper on the session (pun intended). We'd killed a fair bit of the day so we headed out to Skaterham skatepark in Caterham to catch the last hour of the session. Marcus rang me up and said that he was at Southbank and that it was dry so we headed out to Cantelowes to try and get a few bits done there. A couple of hours into the session, Kev hung up on a lipslide transfer over the love seat and ate the turd burger. Here's a picture of his chin. Marcus is planning on nicking some butterfly stitches from the hospital for him sometime soon!

Oh yeah, here's a photo of Aaron in mid hair cut, even though there's no reason at all in putting it up!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Some Old Footage...

...of Aaron sometime around 2004-2006, god knows when exactly, but it's pretty sick. Got to love the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl top!

Gyppo Army Decks Out Now

Dig down the back of the sofa and empty your nan's savings tin for it is time to buy the only decks you'll ever need.

New home!

The last blog server was shit, we couldn't put up any pictures or weblinks. We hope that this one will treat us better! account login
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