Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Just over a year has passed

since the first batch of Gyppo Army boards arrived at "the office" and a fair bit has changed since then, looking back, it has been a good year full of ups and ups and downs but overall it's been worth it. I can't wait to see what the next year brings, probably even more drinking on street kerbs, smoking roll ups under doorways getting some protection from rain, jamming in the back of vans to get to the next skate spot on the road which never seems to end...

I did end up getting a chocolate cheesecake made, but I was hungry and ate it before we ended up writing anything on it. To be honest, I was more keen to write "Yammin' 'n' papsin'" on it, but decided on saving the milky bars which were going to be used for it for another day.

I decided to pike a picture from Google from "Alex's" first birthday. God knows who Alex is, or if he'd be stoked on having a picture of his cake up here, but it is....

Doug, Elliot, Rupert and Kev were at War of the Roses this weekend. Kev and Elliot won some cash at Leeds, Elliot for doing a nollie front foot flip over the big hip and Kev in the bowl. Doug slammed horribly and you might have seen him walking around the park with his balls in his hand whilst Rupert got a megabus which took 7 hours from Brighton and spent most of his time lurking outside playing games of skate. Gyppo Army friend Bam Boy (a.k.a. Alex Lally) somehow got up to Leeds and won some serious loot in the unsponsored vert wall comp, he then ended up lurkin' on Powley's floor and in his van and made his way to Blackpool and then back to London, whilst winning even more loot at Blackpool!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


has been skating at Bowlworth lately and shot some photos with Lucas O'Grady the other day.



He also filmed a couple of bangers the other day at Moorgate with Brooks. Kev was down at Elephant and Castle yesterday filming with Brooks and is about to head to Great Portland street to film some more stuff with Brooks!

Friday, 13 February 2009

It's a sunny day

and my wifey is making me munch. Kev and Rupert have a got a sequence each in the latest Sidewalk. I'm going for a skate whilst most people are at work....

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Paris - Some facts for you

16 hours on a Eurolines coach, 4 hours on a boat. 4 hours waiting in coach station. Watching 6 guys high on crack in a tube station, looking at Armed soldiers with AK47s approaching guys smoking weed in République metro station, seeing people trying to flog those fucking annoying Eiffel tower keychains (glowing and non-glowing) that nobody really wants, 12 litres of Stella, 2.3 litres Despardos, 2 bottles of wine that tastes like vinegar, 150 (odd) cigarettes, 3 and a half days, 3 nights, 3 sleepness nights, 2 days of rain, half a day of snow, dogshit on griptape, skating in the pissing rain, skating in wet socks, jeans and tee shirts, banks under bridges, 2 slams to the head, 2 bruised hips, 3 creaky knees, 2 pissed off boat lurkers, 2 romanian women sent back home for getting caught stealing tobacco on the boat, €10 a day to live off of, €6 a day on booze, 10 metro journeys bunked, finding ways to re-use tickets, 180 minutes of footage.

It's hard too tell a story about this trip, but all in all it was a plain simple skate trip, out before midday, back before midnight, getting more drunk after midnight and repeat.

I can't wait until the next one.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Rupert & Kevin

Are heading off to Paris tomorrow on a filming mission for "Road to nowhere" along with a few others. We've got to get an early coach from Victoria tomorrow, I can't wait until I'm sitting in a cramped seat in either the freezing cold or the extreme heat! Either way it's bound to be a good trip!

Last night I went to the pub, it was such an exciting night. I fell in a park on the way back and got dog shit all over his jeans and brand new shoes! Fucking ice...

Monday, 2 February 2009

I'm also pleased to announce

that The House skatepark in Sheffield, Bored Skate Shack in St Austell, Cornwall and Urban Xtremes in Chiswick, London are now going to be stocking Gyppo Army boards!

Information for both shops is below!

Unit D Bardwell Road
S3 8AS
0114 2490055

Upper floor
Market House
St Austell
PL25 5QB
Wurzel - 0172 625 0008

217 Chiswick high road
W4 2DW
0208 7420 527

The snow

is coming down heavily today. I might go and build a snow man! Just to let you know....

Sunday, 1 February 2009


demo at The park in Castleford went off and I just want to say thatnks to everybody who turned up! I'll try and get footage up on the web by the end of next week.

Gyppo Army boards are also now availalble at

Brixton Cycles
145 Stockwell Road, Brixton
London SW9 9TN
020 7733 6055

As well as

Subvert Board Store
Colorado Way
WF10 4TA

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