Monday, 29 December 2008


Still working on the website, it should be in flash this time around.

I went to drop some boards off at Natterjacks in Kingston earlier on today. But before that I had a little sesh down Kingston skatepark with Marcus which was pretty fun. We both flew off the edge of the halfpipe a few times! We had to leave the park early on as it closes at dusk in the winter and Steve put his chains all over the ramps.

Probably going to go down to Cantelowes tomorrow and have a sesh in the bowl tomorrow if the weather's good!

I'm trying to finalise a date for the next Gyppo Army days demo which will be in Xscape Castleford at some point next month. Keep posted on the blog for more information in the future!

Monday, 22 December 2008

The website

Is being a bit of a pain in the arse, although it's live at the moment. I've been having difficulties with it when trying to finish off certain sections. Mainly the "coverage" and "team" section. I'm going to get cracking on it this Christmas and hopefully it'll be finished by the new year!

Crossfire Xmas jam

Here's Sidewalk magazine's edit from the jam, check it out! Kev's got a couple of tricks in there on the vert extension on the micro mini ramp.

Brooks is in the middle of making another edit of the jam and Doug should have a few tricks featured in there as well. I'll post that up here when it comes out too!

Crossfire Xmas Jam 2008 >>

Poppin' bottles!

I (Kev) have always wanted to work in a pub. Yesterday on my way to Halfpipe skate in West London to deliver them a new batch of boards, I saw a notice on the door of The Rocket pub in Euston saying that they were looking for staff, after a filling in a brief application got told that I got the job half an hour later. I started work that night and the place is fucking rad. They've got a good selection of brew at a decent price, pool tables, big T.V.s and all of the staff are friendly as fuck! It's definitely worth a check out if you're in the area!

I had a skate down Stockwell on Friday which was pretty sick, it took a fucking age to get to on the bus as there was a pretty gnarly shoot out in the Camberwell area the other day. It was a bit wet there though but still fun. When it got dark myself and a few other chumps got a few tinnies from the shop and headed to Blackfriars to skate the ledges on John Carpenter street and then the banks for a mellow sesh to kill it off. After a while I needed a piss and they had a pretty good anti drink driving ad in the pub next to the banks when you go into the cubicle. Go and check that out if you're in the area too!

Anyways on a random one, here's a photo of Doug doing a frontside lipslipe over the sketchy as fuck ledge which bridges the Gonz gap at Royal Oak (or Meanwhile 2 depending on what your preferred name is.) It isn't there anymore seeing as Freestyle resurfaced the park as well as adding new bits to the street course and they had to take the ledge down. The colours ended up being a bit dodgy on the photo, but I thought that I might as well put it up here as it won't see the light of day anywhere else!

Friday, 19 December 2008


Who's buying a Gyppo Army board then?

I know I would.


this blog hasn't been updated in a while so I thought I'd give a little update on what's been going on.

Well, Kevin and Doug were at the Crossfire jam last weekend. Kevin got a couple of tricks in an edit which was featured on the Sidewalk website which I'll put up here on a bit.

Kevin's been helping out with the new skatepark in Hereford.

Building things like this....

Spot Kevin

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


It took a while to get this one out!

Footage from our trip to Marseilles in November '07 filmed on a camera worth about £50!


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