Thursday, 28 August 2008


...has been getting offers to ride for several board companies over the last few months, so we're sad, yet happy, to say that Aaron is now going to ride for Antiz's full European team, making a step up in life! Well, sort of (someone has to!).

Aaron will continue to skate with everyone on the team and will continue to find himself lurking regularly at Kev's house too!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

We Are Sad To Announce That...

...Ant, Ben and Dave have left Gyppo Army. We wish them good luck with whatever they want to pursue in the future.

Monday, 18 August 2008


...the "Re-birth" jam at Royal Oak happened last weekend, which went off. The whole team was down there and Aaron won himself £100 for doing a backside 360 over the new transfer that's been opened up. Stoked!

Here's a photo of Kev chucking a stalefish over the new gap.

Check out footage from the jam below

or watch it on tackyworld here

I can't be arsed to write "funny" stuff that's been going on, I'm too tired and it probably isn't even that funny.

Momo's still in London by the way. Does anyone know where he can get some Pastisse from?

Here's some footage of Day 3 from this year's Nueu "Ride with us tour" featuring, Kev, Dave and Sweeney. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Nueu ride with us tour 2008

Here's some footage from this year's Nueu ride with us tour featuring our own Kevin McKeon, Aaron Sweeney and Dave Wallace at a range of locations such as Whitby, Whitley Bay and some place in Newcastle under a bridge!

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just come back from Basel in Switzerland. He entered the Etnies European Skateboarding Championships and took home 6th place in the mini ramp comp as well as 400 Euro! Stoked!

For footage of the event, photos and full results check out

Kev also filmed random bits and bobs whilst he was over there, including something going down here.....

After the comp Kev hung around with Liv, Pas and Grot for a couple of days doing fuck all due to the shit weather a lot of ping pong was played, reading skate mags and drinking and smoking.

Going to the zoo didn't happen either...

Oh happy days!

Thursday, 7 August 2008


Both Kev and Aaron have got bits and bobs in the new Sidewalk from the Cantelowes Bowlriders article. Kev's got a sequence of a nosepick pull in into the bank off to the black electric box to some sort of eating shit backflip on the vert wall, whilst aaron has a sequence of an alley oop lien grap over the channel into the vert wall. Good shit!

French Gyppo Army rider is heading down to London next week for 8 days. He's going to be staying at Kev's house and going to be filming for the Gyppo Army video "Road to nowhere" as well as getting used to shopping at Lidl!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Aaron's currently down in Newquay for the boardmasters event. He's down there doing some demos on the Eastpak mini ramp but the weather's proving to be a bit shit at the moment... He might enter the street comp there too at the Wooden Waves park, but then again he might not! We'll see what happens.

Here's some footage, yet again stolen off of the Sidewalk website featuring some mini ramp skating including a fair bit of The Sween.

There might be more stuff going up during the week hopefully!

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Last Weekend

Kev went down for the Concrete Carnival comp in Cornwall. Day 1 at Hayle went off, but the 2nd day was rained off.

Here's a clip of some footage direct from the Sidewalk website featuring a couple of clips of Kev.


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Kev's heading off to Basel in Switzerland tomorrow for the Etnies European championships and to go and film some stuff for his section in the upcoming Gyppo Army video "Road to nowhere", it should be good!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Nueu "Ride With Us"

The annual Nueu 'Ride With Us' tour ventured north to Scotland this year with gyppo army riders in attendance.

Up on the sidewalk site every monday will be a fresh edit of the footage.

Check out part one now, featuring the likes of Aaron Sweeney, Josh 'Manhead' Young, Adam Stoddart, Kev McKeon, Dave Watson and Porno Paul hitting up Leeds and Prissick!

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Check back next Monday on the sidewalk sight and most probally here for edit number two!
geeeet hyped!

Last Orders

Our own Kevin J McKeon aka "dirty ghetto kev" has just had his last orders over on the sidewalk site here

Brooks also got some footage from various Uk filmers (and himself) and knocked up this edit to go with it.

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