Monday, 23 March 2009

I fucking hate it when

you've got a razor tail and it either hits you in the back of the ankle or somehow manages to catch your toe and cut it! Especially when the top part of your shoe is soft as fuck, that's never good.

Also, when you've got a few hundred quid on you and you're skating at your local park and 20+ somalians bop in from the local football pitch next to you. That's also not one of my favourite things to occur, even worse, is when they hang around at the park, giving you the evils. Never a sought after thing really, you'd think that when the re-assuring sound of a police siren appears and they flee it'd be good. But to make things worse, they happen to linger in a badly lit alleyway which you have to pass on your way home on your home and you're obviously outnumbered!

Also, when you want to skate on a weekday and everyone's at work or at college and your only scummy friends who don't have a job or got the boot from college don't have a phone and if they do, don't answer it. That's never good. Saying that, it's not midday yet, so they're obviously still asleep!

I might just go to Cantelowes, always a safe bet!

FAO to all the ladies reading this, if any! Doug is looking for some love, he said he hasn't been laid in 8 months so.... y'know.

If you fancy your chances with this lovely man, get in touch through the usual address (the one at the top....)

Dirt Nasty's coming in powerful!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Late night city missions

Is where it's at, skating until 3 in the morning. Watching pissed up city workers wanting a go on your deck and eating shit. Getting around to skating spots that you've only ever seen from the bus. Going down new alley ways and streets and finding new spots and places. Not skating with a camera, eating shit on a big set of stairs and making your trick when you didn't think you had it. Cheap cider. Giving grief and making comments when people are openly kissing on the street. Making bets on tricks for nuggets and cans. Watching people slam on tricks and not getting their nuggets on cans (Doug). Watching people land said trick easily (Elliot). Skating Chalky ledges in the square mile and talking with the police and them not giving a fuck about you skating, even though it's "illegal".

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Might as well!

Kev and Liv, Paddy's day '09!

Paddy's day was yesterday

and I'm now recovering, listening to some hip-hop and have got a couple more funny tales for my repetoire.

The blog hasn't been receiving too much attention lately so I'll try and summarise what's been going on.

Elliot's been out filming even more tricks for the video along with Kev, Doug owes people money, Rupert's in Brighton at it as per usual, Marcus is doing some demos! Christ I feel sorry for those who have come to watch! (Only messing Marcus!)

I'll leave it at that, I can't think of too much else to write!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Soulja barney

Monday, 2 March 2009

A fair bit of filming

went down this weekend. Rupert cam up from Brighton to London on Friday to get a few things, he ended up tweaking his ankle trying to get something on a sketchy handrail in Brighton on Saturday though, get well soon mate.

Kev now has 2 different swellbows on the same elbow and some bruised balls after playing around on the rail at Meanwhile's bowl trying to get a trick down on it, but unfortunately it didn't happen. He's going back there in a few days to try and put it down.

Our mate Louie from Bury was down in London this weekend too and ended up missioning around the whole city with us. I bet he loved trecking from King's cross to Kingston and back on the bus with us when it was 4 in the morning and freezing for the sake of getting footage for "Road to nowhere"! Doug and Kev were trying to get to this house party that flopped at the weekend, another very interesting story for you there.

Elliot didn't end up filming on Saturday because he got arrested in Camden Town tube station with 7 benzes on him, figure that one out for yourself. He did tell a pretty gnarly story about some of the feds in Holborn nick, proving that institional racism does exist. I'm not sure if it'd be too wise to put the rest up on here, ask him yourself if you want to hear it, but it's quite a gnarly little story! Lucky enough he was out of his cell at 11pm and ripped it the next day, he must have filmed about 10 tricks around Euston and Victoria on Sunday. There's a good few NBDs in there, shame you're not going to see them for a few months! We found this set of stairs with a metal chain at the bottom of them in Victoria which he rinsed out.

Another highlight of the weekend was when Kev was skating a spot and ended up getting in a conversation with someone who looked like they wanted to mug him and eyeing up the VX, only to be told he had some "Sick up 5-0 grinds!" and explained different tricks to him and how they worked.

Also, if you see Alex Lally, make sure you call him "Bam boy" and not his real name, he finally admitted to the name getting on his tit and most people find the name amusing. Bam went to Birmingham this weekend to his grandma's 70th birthday party in Birmingham, he had to get there on a ticket where he had to pretend he was 11 years old, fuck knows if that one worked out.

Oh and in other news, TM Marcus has got some new gashment b the name of Chanelle. Some girl on his estate offered him £200 a day to fuck her the other day so she could get pregnant and get a council flat, of course she wasn't planning of trying to fuck him over in the future to get benefits. Also from the Hounslow bits, Marcus' mate has now got a girl and her mum pregnant. Imagine how that conversation started and ended.....

That's all for now, come back next week for more tales which your mother wouldn't want you to be hearing! account login
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