Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Gyppo Army Days

Here's the flyer for the Gyppo Army Day at Xsite skatepark in Skegness on the 25th of October.

Get yourselves there!

(and don't forget the demo at Unit 1 skatepark on the 10th of October either!)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Gyppo Army days

Some of you might have been subjected to my somewhat ruthless advertising on social networking sites, but here's a post on here for those who don't know.

I'm planning a series of bi-monthly (that's the aim) demos at skateparks titled "Gyppo Army days" at indoor skateparks throughout the country.

Briefly they're a group of sessions with the Gyppo Army team plus whoever I can force into a car/bully into catching a train or coach going to a skatepark to meet up and skate.

The winter is coming and this is a good way to support indoor skateparks by increasing attendances as well as supporting local scenes, it doesn't matter whether you're a sponsored skater or a kid just starting out, the main aim is to have everybody skating together in a large crowd and having fun, then giving some stuff out, having a few drinks, going home and meeting back up again somewhere new a couple of weeks later to do the same thing!

I'm up for doing this with most skateparks in the U.K so if you work/manage/run a skatepark and would like to organise something at your park don't hesitate about getting in touch with me!

Upcoming events include

Friday, October 10th Unit 1 skatepark Kent night session (5-10pm).


Saturday 25th October, X-site skatepark, Skegness


Saturday 8th November, Revolution skatepark, Kent


Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Kev and Aaron went to skate Ladbroke Grove handrail. Kev managed to ball sack himself whilst Aaron landed something half decent. 'Nuff said!

I saw Marcus yesterday for the first time since he's come back from four months living over in Cyprus. He's a fair bit bigger since I last saw him (I guess that's down to doing a shit load of drinking and not much skating!) and to my surprise he found the tapes of footage from our first trip abroad to Marseille last November for Doco mag in the café at Kingston skatepark. I guess that's going to end up as some sort of extra in the "Road to nowhere" video coming out around summer next year. Keep your eyes peeled for a bit of skating, some good, some not as well as a lot of dicking about!


Right, I'm off to the offy to stock up on some more booze and fags. I've been sat on the fucking computer all day doing work and generally trying to flog boards to shops so that you lot can buy them! At least you know that your money is partially going to a somewhat good cause!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Irn Bru

I got sent this video clip the other day which I found pretty funny!

I don't really think that Danny Way is that gutted because he can't get Irn Bru in California, but you never know!

Kev is going to a handrail in SOAS later on today with Aaron and maybe Elliot, he'll probably balls himself and go crying to mummy!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Well, it's been a while since I've last posted here; a fair few things have been going on. For starters, we've got four new graphics out, the graphics and sizes are below!

"Tesco" 8.25

"Tramp on chips" 8.1

"Ladies" 7.6

"Incorrect" 7.5

I've also been working on the website which can be found here at


You won't find too much there at the moment, but I'm getting it sorted out now, so check it out in the future!

Doug, Elliot, Kev and Momo have been on filming missions lately for the new vid.

Kev and Aaron have been talking about conspiracy theories too, how interesting is that?!? You'd probably think not, but it was a good way to pass the time on the motorway on the way to Saffron Walden today!

We're going to go to that Nando's thing at Bay Sixty 6 this Saturday as there's free chicken and a place to skate! We're fucking marving! See you there!

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