Sunday, 29 June 2008


...keeps the ball rollin' with an interview on the Tackyworld website.

You can read it here.


Here's some footage fresh from the Sidewalk website from the Quiksilver bowlriders finals in Sweden. There's a little section of Aaron from the last day of the comp when he could skate a little bit after crashing his ballbag on the first day. Lucky guy!

Friday, 27 June 2008

Dave Wallace... on the Gyppo Army flow team as of now. Starting off on the big boy scales, he won the ├ęS UK game of skate finals and is off to Prague next weekend for the European final. Look out for more on Dave soon!


...probably regrets not getting another "profile" pic seeing as this got used. Aaron, you look like a nobber here! All is bless though.


...on the last day in Marseille, both Aaron and Kev bought some dodgy chicken with loads of gelatine. Aaron threw his chicken away and Kev who had a whole chicken (minus a leg) placed it on his board and pushed it down several ramps. On one occasion it even made it over the jumpbox! We ate some free haribo and watched the "up in smoke tour" back at Momo's.

That's it for today's tales...

Stolen from...

"Everybody's favourite flinching little gyppo, Aaron Sweeney, has earned himself somewhat of a 'promotion' from Vans!

Following on from his appearance and destruction at pretty much every UK event over the last 12 months, Aaron now joins Ben Grove, Ben Nordberg, Chris Oliver, Franklin Stephens, Howard Cooke, Ollie Tyreman, Ste Roe, James Gardner and Marc Churchill on the full Vans UK team!"

Good work Aaron!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


On Sunday night Kev and Aaron stumbled across some dodgy going ons with prostitues, the exact story is hard to explain over this crap site, but lets say they were lucky to have not got kidnapped/horribly beaten up.

Yesterday Aaron and Kev went swimming in the posh person's house. I don't know how it all managed to come about but it was fun. We 'jammed', broke water guns and Kev broke a little girl's inflatable chair. Aaron and Kev discussed ways how to make a quick couple of grand and some good ideas came about, whether or not they're carried out is another thing.

Aaron, Kev and Momo are doing a demo at Saint Joseph skatepark today which is a little bit outside of Marseilles. We're bound to have a few giggles.

Oh and flow rider Elliot was last spotted on the rob in Kingston with an ounce of weed down his pants. Elliot, if you're reading this, please give Brooks a call and go out filming.

Kev should be off to Prague for the Mystic cup in just over a week and Aaron got a 'lil saing saing planned.

Saturday, 21 June 2008


So Aaron and Kev are in Marseilles at the moment for a skate comp at the main bowl, Kev's got some sort of muscle pain and won't be able to skate! No maydays then...

Aaron's skating pretty well at the moment, we'll let you know how well he ends up doing.

Momo's doing some comp organising and getting hammered early on.

Doug's lost his board at NASS and has probably got a J going at the mo.

Ant's probably skating somewhere or stressing somewhere over something skateboard related...

Revolution skatepark are holding a 10th birthday bash jam on the 12th July which should be sick. We'll be heading down there, so we'll see you there!

Monday, 16 June 2008


Kev and Liv snuck this in. Stoked!

Stocked up on munch


Dirty Ghetto Kev


Kev was strolling about hammered at night and saw this guy lying on the floor and took a flash photo of him. He immediately got up, looking to bang him. After a quick "PEACE!" Kev was gone....

Doug was about to fuck this chick, then found out she had some sort of sexual disease and left it out. Unlucky Doug, she weren't too bad either I can tell his cock is raw red and painful... (That really didn't sound too good!)

Finally, here is the small print!

Doug got 19th and Kev got 30th. Ant was too high in a tent and missed his run?

Aaron fucked himself on his first run in Malmo and couldn't skate the whole weekend.

Aaron and Kev are now heading off to Marseilles for 10 days tomorrow for a competition and to skate with Momo for a week after the comp. You might hear about our "holiday" which probably won't be a holiday at some point in the future!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Right Now...

...Aaron is over in Malmo skating in the Bowlriders finals, if he replies to any texts we'll try to have not so up to date info on how he's doing!

Kev, Ant and Doug are heading over to NASS this weekend which should be sick. If Kev can afford some batteries for his brick digital camera we might be able to put some photos up about two months later!

Monday, 9 June 2008

Even Though...

...this isn't too skate related, we haven't put up anything here for a couple of days. So this is just a quick one to tell you about top Gyppo Army pal Marcus' trip to Cyprus. He's just gone over to 'napa to sell glowsticks in keyrings for the next month or so in dodgy nightclubs to make a living. The best of luck to him, as he'll definitely fucking need it!

Friday, 6 June 2008

New Sidewalk

There's a couple of pics of Aaron in the new issue of Sidewalk magazine from various events so check him out and chill!

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Things, Many Things..

...are brewing up in the camp, but we've got to keep hush hush about them for a bit.

We've been slow to update the blog for a bit, so here's a picture of Kev's dodgy tattoo for all of those who haven't seen it yet!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Malmo What?

The UK Bowlriders qualifier passed through last weekend and it happened at no other place than Cantelowes. Surprisingly Aaron won and layed down some of the finest unseen moves. Oh yeah, Kev slammed hard too...

Aaron's now off to the finals in Malmo and Kev will probably end up going along too and sleeping on Aaron's floor. Check out the footage from the weekend stolen from the Sidewalk website (filmed by Gegs man). It comes in two parts, one of which is dedicated to Aaron. How nice! account login
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