Wednesday, 30 April 2008

More Of Ant

Brooks got to work quick and produced a little "welcome" clip of Ant. Click to watch.


Here's some more random crap from the War of Thistles weekend in Scotland. Item number one is a picture taken in the back of a van in the middle of a nine hour journey from Wakefield to Aberdeen. Which directly followed a train journey from London to Wakefield. Skateboarding at it's finest!

Item number two is footage from the first day at Aberdeen's Transition Extreme skatepark. Aaron won a fair bit of moolah that day and got the skater of the day, or whatever they decided to name it. All of Aaron's footage is towards the end of the clip. Check out his last line! Absolute fucking pisstake!

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Anthony Demascio... now part of the Gyppo Army family! Welcome to the team Ant!

Here's an oldish clip of him skating at St. Pauls carpark, filmed by Brooks.


Monday, 28 April 2008


Here's a clip of some off-cuts from French rider Gyppo Army rider Momo Linier for your enjoyment.

Sunday, 27 April 2008


We have some fine t-shirts available for purchase. 100% pure cotton, soft on the skin and incredible to touch. Made in Nicaragua too, I'll have you know!

They were imported into Mexico by Gildan Activewear Mexico S.a de CV and as previous information suggests were produced by the one and only "Gildan." The logo is somewhat beige and all printing work was done by Stu at Lovenskate.

I guess that is a fair bit of background info on the product I'm trying to sell. I can't go as far as to tell you the registration number of the van they were transported in, or what time the plane left at in order to bring these t-shirts to England, as that's a bit too much info...

In buying this/these t-shirts, you'll immediately help three skateboarders to make a living. You'll also be helping countless others who work for the three skateboard based companies involved with the making/selling of these shirts to keep their jobs and to also earn a living, all of which are skaters.

Go on, buy these shirts and help skaters to stay alive, to promote skateboarding and in the long term, improve skateboarding (there's too much to type on this subject if you want an explanation as to how buying this t-shirt will raise the standards of skateboarding.)

Enough information on these shirts, here's a picture of the t-shirt and the phone number at the side of this page (020 8421 4224) is the number to reach Power Distribution, so that you can buy these shirts and other Gyppo Army products if that's what you're after (they might also be able to give you more background information on any of our products if you ask politely enough!)

T-shirts are available in Small, Medium, Large and X Large.

The London Paper

Aaron was skating at Cantelowes the other day and Brooks took a photo of him in the mini ramp without him knowing it. He ended up texting it in to the London Paper and they went ahead and printed the photo in "your picture of the day" column!

Next up, "Pets of the day!"

New Footage...

...of Aaron Sweeney and Doug Parmiter. Here's a little clip showing what went down. Tom Knox and Marcus Adams also have a trick or two in there. Filming and editing by Brooks, check it out!

Guilty By Association

Here's Kev and Aaron's "Guilty By Association" article from a Sidewalk issue a few months back. Check it out...

New Doco

Kev and Aaron have both got pics in the latest issue of Document from the local haunt.

Check us out and chill!

New Graphics?

We're currently putting together our second series of graphics. If anyone reading this has an idea that they'd like to contribute and we end up using it we'll sort you out with a bit of cash.

Get on it!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Aaron Sweeney

Is now on the Eastpak (or is it Eastpack?) UK team. Props to him, I bet he's stoked, not that he's got anything to put into a bag!

Monday, 21 April 2008


We're getting together all the recent footage we've come across and are in the middle of getting our first video "Road To Nowhere" out. Look forward to a pisstake part from Sweeney, as well as a part from Kev and bits from Doug Parmiter, Momo and Elliot Jones. It'll be out this summer so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Kev and Aaron's Euro trip

is now finally over, we just came back from Scotland and overall it's been a pretty sick ride that we'll never forget. Aaron ended up baging about £400 on the Aberdeen day of War of the Thistles as well as best skater which he's stoked on. He got a pretty sick sword trophy to keep for the year, but the organisers ended up getting it back as it was inevitable that the fool was going to lose it!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Here's a bit of footage from a two week trip to San Diego and Arizona back in October 2007. Click here to watch the footage up on the sidewalk site. Props to Pas for filming/editing/taking general abuse well!

Hope you enjoy it!

Aaron Sweeny... great. Kev is 2nd best though!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Barcelona... the best city I've ever visited. Kev and Aaron have 30 euros left for the next 4 days which isn't too good. Good thing is that litre bottles of San Mig are 60 cents if you go to the right place, the weather is sick and 20 fags come up to 2 and a bit euros.

Aaron wandered off from the rest of the group last night at the pub and ended up working as a pimp´s assistant in a sketchy brothel last night. That was pretty amusing, he might have smoked some crack with him too, but he isn't sure...

Kev filled a bin up with puke to the delight of everyone in the nearby vicinity. We skated this sick little park today, it's a ghetto job but really fun to skate. Oh, and there's a nueu sticker on the door of a toilet inside this hostel we wandered into it. Kev noticed it whilst having a shit.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Euro Trip

Well, Kev and Aaron have been bombing it around the Benelux countries for the last week. They started in Antwerp to skate that Team Pain park and then Aaron found out that weed was legal in Holland and it was nearby, so we ended up going to Eindhoven. There was a big football match with the local team that weekend, so somehow they found hostels, god knows how. The next day they missioned it to Amsterdam and ended up staying in a Christian hostel not too far from the red light district which was amusing. Mission back to Antwerp then going onto Brussels, met up with David Martelleur and skated the place d'ursilines park and then headed over to Barca. Things got very messy on the first night, I've had 90 minutes sleep and I'm going to crack a beer open right now. Fuck this, I can't think straight, there's a fit girl in the corner so I'm going to fuck off now.

Why are you reading this blog again?

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Save Harrow Skatepark

Get yourself to Harrow skatepark on the 19th of April and show your support for one of the UK's oldest concrete parks. It's threatened with demolition which would be a real shame as it has been the proving ground for so many skaters for many years.

Here's Kev tackling one of the gnarliest concrete half-pipes ever constructed with a backside crailslide.


I was skating around the Euston/Russel Square area a couple of days ago and we thought we'd head over to Liverpool Street to check these out. After skating around the whole perimeter of the place, we realised getting in wasn't going to be easy. After a quick peek over the fence I saw that the pipes were in there and had to get in. After thinking for a little while about the worst case scenario and a bit of peer pressure, I hopped over the fence with my mate Brooks to check it out. We had another mate on guard even though he wasn't really needed, but could still be handy in trying to get back over.. Brooks and myself quickly headed down and checked out the pipes..They were covered in half wet concrete in some sections and pretty slippy but still skateable, so I gave it a shot. We filmed a couple of runs in there before concrete dust was everywhere and we decided to head out before attracting a lot of attention.

As we reached the gate we were greeted by a nice police officer. "Oh fuck" we thought. Apparently this woman was freaking out about us both climbing over and to be honest we were hardly sly about it. A police officer happened to be passing by at the time and called for some back up. There were about five policemen in total and all three of us got searched and got a warning. We were lucky we didn't have anything we weren't supposed to have on us and were told that if anything was damaged we'd get a bill for it. Hopefully we won't hear anything from either the police or anyone involved with the building site, but it was a fun five minutes.

It was all worth it for being able to skate a fullpipe right in the centre of London, something I thought would never happen!

Here's a bit of footage below. Click it.

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